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Community Servers

Below is a list of games with servers that we are running or intend to run.

If the listing is not clickable then we do not have any servers for that title up yet.

Minecraft Servers
Terraria Servers
ARK: Survival Evolved Servers
Factorio Servers
Rust Servers
Starbound Servers
The Forest Servers
World of Warcraft (3.3.5a - Trinity)

Community Information

Below is a list of games that we do not host servers for but our community takes part in.

This either means we play on a specific world or have a guild that you could join.

Like above if the listing is not clickable we intent to take part in it but have not yet.

Halo Information
World of Warcraft (Current Version) Information
Runescape Information

Join us on Discord

we use discord for all communication.

You can join us there to hang out, ask questions, or make suggestions.

When you join you will receive a DM welcoming you. You will not be able to chat or see any channels until you have read and agreed to the rules with a handshake reaction at the bottom.